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Message from the District Deputy Grand Master


Brethren of Toronto Don Valley District:

On behalf of the TDV District Chairmen and Officers, thank you for this opportunity to serve.

As the active part of the Masonic Year approaches, we should all remember that our Fraternity is designed to achieve personal individual growth through the practice of mutual support. No Mason is an island. Masons profess to be like minded men who strive to perfect the world around them by improving themselves and their relationships to others.

These objectives can best be accomplished by spending time with other Masons, participating in the lives of our respective Lodges and supporting the programs undertaken throughout the District under the guidance of our Grand Lodge. The fellowship offered by visitations to the constituent Lodges only enhances our individual and collective Masonic experiences. Let us therefore bear in mind, and act according to, the obligations we undertook as we advanced through the various Degrees.

The TDV District Chairmen have already begun the work of operating and strengthening programs that have had a positive impact on our lives as Masons, as well as creating new opportunities for success at the personal, Lodge and District levels. Your participation in those programs is an indispensable key to the achievement of any progress, for the heart may conceive and the head devise in vain if the hand be not prompt to execute the design.  The rites, ceremonies and principles of Freemasonry provide an opportunity for all of their genuine professors to achieve the best versions of themselves. That potential can only be realized through our united endeavours.

The Masonic Year ahead promises to offer opportunities for all of us to discharge our obligations to make a daily advancement in Masonic knowledge. Structural changes at Grand Lodge as well as a number of initiatives in TDV will encourage education and excellence for all Brethren. Decisions are made by those who show up.

In that regard, congratulations to V.W. Bro. Peter Stern on his appointment to the rank of Grand Steward in recognition of his faithful service to the Craft as District Secretary during the past Masonic Year. There will be ample opportunity to support V.W. Bro. Stern and offer him personal congratulations at the reception to be held in his honour at Thornhill Masonic Temple on 29 September 2016, as well as during his travels through the District this Masonic Year.


See you in Lodge.

R.W. Bro. Lawrence Ben-Eliezer

District Deputy Grand Master, Toronto Don Valley District