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Message from the District Deputy Grand Master


Brethren of Toronto Don Valley District:

The District congratulates Doric Lodge No. 316, Patterson Grey Lodge No. 265, Dufferin (Daylight) Lodge No. 570 and Mosaic Lodge No. 559 on having conducted their respective Ceremonies of Installation and Investiture of Officers. It was a pleasure to attend to support these ceremonies and to see Officers progress through the Chairs on their way to the East.

Please also congratulate V.W. Bro. Peter Stern on his appointment to the rank of Grand Steward. Mount Sinai – Pillars Lodge No. 522 celebrated this well-earned recognition by the Grand Master at a reception held at Thornhill Masonic Temple on 29 September 2016. The Brethren, friends and family who turned out in very impressive numbers to honour V.W. Bro. Stern did so in recognition of his years of service to his Lodge, to the District and to the Craft. He will be equally well received as he travels throughout the District over the course of this Masonic Year.

Finally, at least on the topic of congratulations, W. Bro. Thomas M. Hicks has assumed the duties of District Secretary for Toronto Don Valley District. He looks forward to working with the Lodges and to meeting as many Brethren as possible during his travels.

Our gentle Craft is possessed of a long and rich history of making good men better, and of enabling them to find the best versions of themselves, through the application of principle to action. It is critical, but insufficient, to be aware of the landmarks of Freemasonry. Skill without exertion is of little avail. It is imperative for all Masons to be intimately familiar with the rules that govern our conduct while assembled as Brethren, but equally important to carry those rules and principles into active operation.

Every Lodge in this District is blessed with experienced and skilled Brethren who have spent years studying the Craft and learning what is required of us in order to act as true and faithful Craftsmen. It is important to identify those Brethren and seek their guidance. It is all but impossible to make a daily advancement in Masonic knowledge without this assistance.

See you in Lodge.

R.W. Bro. Lawrence Ben-Eliezer

District Deputy Grand Master, Toronto Don Valley District