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Message from the District Deputy Grand Master


Brethren of Toronto Don Valley District:

We are quickly approaching the start of what most would consider the Masonic Year; that is, the time when Lodges resume meeting after the summer break to resume conducting the business of the Lodge, to perform ritual, to confer degrees and do the other things that allow all of us to make a daily advancement in Masonic knowledge.

The Lodge Summonses that have been published to date express a strong enthusiasm for the return to work by Brethren who are skilled and dedicated in the discharge of their duties in the Officers’ Chairs. It is becoming absolutely clear that those Brethren will demonstrate the leadership and carry out the labour of love that are so necessary to the health of our ancient and honourable Order. It is equally obvious, however, that their commitment and talents will be of little avail if unsupported by the Past Masters of the Lodge and unobserved by less experienced members who do not view attendance at their Mother Lodge as particularly important.

Reciting an obligation faithfully cannot be the alpha and the omega of what is required of a Mason. Neither can the perfect memorization and delivery of ritual, admirable and difficult though they may be to achieve, be of such high value as to overshadow the critical exercise of becoming truly better versions of ourselves. To the contrary, and without in any way diminishing the discipline and talents required to achieve excellence in ritual work, we must look beyond the memorization of the Work and start to engage in thinking about the significance and relevance of our ceremonies to our lives as men, husbands, fathers, subjects and citizens of the world. We must start to reflect on what the authors of the Work were trying to communicate and how we can bring those concepts into active operation. Surely to goodness a system of beautiful morality is worthy of our spending energy in the pursuit of spiritual excellence.

As an example of what can happen when Masons work to achieve goals, consider the congratulations due to Kroy Lodge 676 on recently renewing its designation as a Cornerstone Lodge. This type of old fashioned effort must take place if we are to repeat successes of the past and experience new successes as the Craft continues to meet the challenges of life in the 21st century.

See you in Lodge.

R.W. Bro. Lawrence Ben-Eliezer

District Deputy Grand Master, Toronto Don Valley District