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Message from the District Deputy Grand Master

Welcome to the Toronto Don Valley District Masons website…

Toronto Don Valley District is within the jurisdiction of the Grand Lodge of Ancient Free & Accepted Masons of Canada in the Province of Ontario. This District comprises 19 Lodges; 18 of which meet monthly in the evenings in one of the Thornhill or the York Masonic Temples and one, a “daylight lodge”, meets in the Richmond Hill Temple.

Freemasonry is the oldest and largest fraternal organization in the world. Its origins are dated in antiquity and many thousands of books have been written about our Order and much scholarly research continues to this very day. The operative Masons, who gave rise to modern speculative Masonry, sought truth through belief in a Supreme Being, religious tolerance, the quest for light and knowledge and providing relief to those in need – to lift up the fallen and shelter the sick, to care for the orphan, the widow, the old and the destitute.

Every year a district Deputy Grand Master is elected to serve his district. There are 43 such districts in Ontario and I am proud to represent the Freemasons of Toronto Don Valley. I wish to thank York Lodge, my mother lodge as well as the members of the various lodges that encouraged and supported me.

As our forefathers left their imprint in the cathedrals and edifices of all nations that employed their learning and skill, Masonry utilizes as symbols the tools for building in teaching Brotherly Love, Relief & Truth.

This year, we will focus on Harmony to “unite in the grand design to be happy and communicate happiness to each other.” The Grand Master has elaborated that harmony is foremost in our fraternity Indeed; many who join our fraternity develop lifelong friendships.

Congratulations all the newly appointed officers who have been recognized by the Grand Lodge for their contributions:

V.W. Bro. Harry (Evan) Woodhead Grand Senior Deacon
V. W. Bro. Neil Friedman Grand Steward
V. W. Bro. William Kinnear Grand Steward
V.W. Bro. Steven Maizels Grand Steward
R. W. Bro. Paul Skazin, P. Grand Senior Warden (Hon)

We are honoured that W. Bro. Peter Stern will be serving as the District Secretary. He has worked tirelessly as the secretary of his lodge and on behalf of the Thornhill Temple.

Freemasons have always served “The Cause of Good” and we will continue our efforts to support our district charity project – “PROSTATE HOPE” on behalf of The Masonic Foundation of Ontario. Our tax deductible donations and efforts provide much needed research to three University Hospitals in Ontario seeking better treatment and cures for this terrible disease.

For those who wish to join our ranks…………just ask!


Sincerely and Fraternally,

Right Worshipful Brother David N. Fernandes
District Deputy Grand Master
Toronto Don Valley District   2015-2016