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Official Visit Dates

Please note that the dates shown in the Trestle Board for Lodge Installations and Official Visits are based upon past practice, but remain subject to the determination, at some future date, as to when Lodges may reopen.  Accordingly, certain of these dates as shown may have to be rescheduled once that determination has been made.  

LODGEDate of O.V.
GRENVILLE 6292021/10/13
ST. GEORGE 3672022/01/21
PATTERSON GREY 2652022/01/25
ZETLAND-WILSON 862022/02/01
YORK 1562022/02/14
HARCOURT 5812022/02/16
HIGH PARK MELITA 5312022/03/03
KROY 6762022/03/04
DORIC 3162022/03/16
MOSAIC 5592022/03/23
QUINTE ST. ALBAN'S 6202022/03/28
FAIRBANK 5922022/04/04
IONIC 252022/04/06
ST. ANDREW'S 162022/04/19
DUFFERIN 5702022/04/27
HARRY L. MARTYN 6962022/05/11
REMEMBRANCE 5862022/05/13