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This month is the Official Visit of R.W. Bro. Carmine Infante, DDGM of TDV.
Please plan to attend the meeting and if possible the banquet prior.
Tickets for the banquet are available from the Event Brite site – 

Please purchase your ticket on or before Monday, January 13th.

Official Visit Dates

LODGEDate of O.V.
GRENVILLE 6292019/10/09
ZETLAND-WILSON 862020/02/04
ST. GEORGE 3672020/01/17
PATTERSON GREY 2652020/01/28
YORK 1562020/02/10
HARCOURT 5812020/02/19
HIGH PARK MELITA 5312020/03/05
KROY 6762020/03/06
DORIC 3162020/03/18
QUINTE ST. ALBAN'S 6202020/03/23
MOSAIC 5592020/03/25
IONIC 252020/04/01
FAIRBANK 5922020/04/06
ST. ANDREW'S 162020/04/21
DUFFERIN 5702020/04/22
REMEMBRANCE 5862020/05/08
HARRY L. MARTYN 6962020/05/13