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Fraternal Greetings Brethren;


This year at Grand Lodge, I, along with the other District Deputies of the province were installed in the presence of the Grand Master, Deputy Grand Master, Past Grand Masters and many past District Deputy Grand Masters and various brethren from all over. I thank you all for placing your trust in me as your representative to Grand Lodge.

During the ceremony I was honoured to be presented with the regalia of the District Deputy Grand Master of Toronto Don Valley District by RW Bro. Ronel Manabat. RW Bro. Manabat and District Secretary VW Bro. Ben San Juan were an exemplary team of co-ordination and execution. The district was very fortunate to have them.


“Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing.” This quote is credited to a famous Mason, Benjamin Franklin.

This is very inspiring to me personally.

As Masons many of us don’t get too many chances to write things worth writing. However as Masons, we have many opportunities to do something worth writing about. That’s where the individual member, lodge and the district work together. As a District we lean on each other for help for fellowship and for support.

I hope to involve as many members in our activities as possible. My goal is to improve communication amongst the various lodges and districts so we can participate and make us the strong organization we were not too long ago.

Get involved, learn a line or two, visit a different lodge, call a brother who has not been out lately. Every bit helps. Be the brother mason that is looked up to and admired.

Many Lodges, One District


RW Bro. Carmine Infante
District Deputy Grand Master
Toronto Don Valley District