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2019 Five Toronto Districts Masters’ Banquet

It is our pleasure to extend our invitation for your attendance at the 2019 Five Toronto Districts Masters’ Banquet.

As you may aware of, the Five Toronto District Masters’ Banquet is an annual event, originated to create a forum where the Masters of the four Toronto and York Districts could gather, meet the Masters outside their own District, and share an evening of fellowship in a more casual atmosphere.

This Masonic year of 2018/19 marks the 48th Anniversary of the Masters’ Banquet. In the spirit of profit and pleasure, we look forward to your attendance. To this end, please use the following link to register your ticket for the event


If, however, Worshipful Sir, you are unable to attend, the Senior Warden, Junior Warden, or the I.P.M. in this respective order, may attend as your representative. In accordance to guidelines established at the inception of this event, only the aforementioned officers, in accordance to their respective availability, may attend in your stead.
We look forward to sharing with you an evening of friendship and fellowship. See you there.

Sincere and Fraternal regards,

W. Bro. Ben San Juan, Co-Chair
Five Toronto Districts Masters’ Banquet
W.Bro. Ulrich Dessouassi, Co-Chair
Five Toronto Districts Masters’ Banquet
W.M., Alpha Tuscan Lodge #384