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Toronto Rock Lacrosse Night Saturday Jan. 27, 2018

Brethren of Toronto Don Valley District,
R.W. Bro Dan Sabourin W.Bro. Robert Carass, and W. Bro. Michael Elliott cordially invite you to join us for a social evening in January. Details follow below:

Event Description: Professional Indoor Lacrosse – Toronto Rock Host New England. For those unfamiliar, lacrosse was developed from traditional North American sport which originated with our First Nations. Traditional lacrosse has existed since before the first permanent settlements by Europeans. Its current form dates back 150 years with the first organized game played at Montreal. Often referred to as “the fastest game on two feet”, lacrosse demands of its participants a unique blend of finesse, power, aggression, speed and fortitude that is arguably unequaled in other popular sports.

Indoor or “box” lacrosse is an adaptation of the sport, invented in Canada in the 1930s. It is played on a ‘floor’, either a turf or hardwood overlay on the hockey rink, or on the concrete base under the rink. There are six players per side, usually five runners and a goaltender. Box lacrosse is a faster and rougher version of the sport which also incorporates familiar elements of hockey and basketball tactics and strategy. Enjoyment for most sports fans is promised.

Location: Air Canada Centre, 40 Bay Street Toronto.

Date/Time: Saturday January 27 2018
5pm – Pregame party + casual dinner at a tavern in the Front-York Streets area. (Will likely be Joe Badali’s as with 2015 thru 2017.)

7pm – National Anthems followed by opening faceoff

Welcoming: Toronto Don Valley and Other Masons, friends, ladies, and children.

Contact: W.Bro. Michael Elliott (416-670-1741, mcelliott2@yahoo.ca) or
W.Bro. Robert Carass (416-939-7195, robertkarrass@hotmail.com

RSVP by January 12 so ticket order can be placed, and dinner reservation can be made.

Ticket costs: Covered by District Entertainment fund for the first 25 firm responses. A modest donation, in lieu of ticket costs would be appreciated for the worthy local lacrosse charity indicated below. 

“Stragglers” will also be welcomed, but will be charged ticket cost plus modest donation, $25 total.

Charity: The Kaitlyn Cup tournament.  Kaitlyn Cooke, daughter of a close friend of Michael Elliott, is a high school lacrosse player.  Due to budget restrictions, her Toronto public school cannot/will not fund the varsity lacrosse team, but, has agreed to provide a volunteer teacher-coach and field time for games/practices if the team can raise sufficient funds on their own. Michael admires Kaitlyn’s initiative, and has entered his rec league team in the tournament, and, would like to ask his brethren for a little bit of additional support for a worthy youth cause.